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This software is for the preliminary information of people the detail has to be taken from specialist expert doctors etc our form is not responsible for any misuse of the information or any side effect occurring because of use of this information the information is only for the education purpose and not for the implementation in day today live this is not to replace the experts or doctors The subsception charge is for the period of 1 year in appropriate mobile instrument etc is to be used by the user

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The the sole copyright of the application prepare belongs to human health circle we should not be copied by anyone else without pri.

About Nutrition online software

The software is developed to find out nutritive value of food and also to find out name of food from which particular nutrient is available.

The software also gives details about which biochemic medicine is useful for a person having a particular birthday. The software also gives an idea about what could be the tentative protocol as per the naturecure for a particular sickness. this is just for guideline and this is not for the implementation because doctor will decide what is to be done.

Refund and Cancellation

Amount once paid shall not be refunded but in but in special case we can help you.